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Environmental and Natural Resources Law

ENR Interdisciplinary Projects & Fellows Program

To further the ENR Center’s mission of "engaging the law to support sustainability on earth," the Center has developed seven theme-based projects that draw upon existing faculty strengths and provide synergistic opportunities for promoting student experience, providing service to the community, and bringing intellectual energy to bear on some of the most challenging and cutting-edge environmental issues of our day.

ENR Interdisciplinary Projects

Conservation Trust Project

Fellows focus on public trust theory and private property tools to achieve landscape conservation.
Faculty: Profs. Adell Amos, Susan Gary, Richard Hildreth, and Mary Wood.

Energy Law and Policy Project

Fellows explore innovative law and policy that promote a green energy future.
Faculty: Profs. Adell Amos, Jennifer Gleason, and Roberta Mann.

Food Resiliency Project

Fellows probe key law and policy issues to ensure resilient, sustainable food systems.
Faculty: Profs. Michael Fakhri and Mary Wood.

Global Environmental Democracy Project

The project helps prepare Fellows to be advocates for international change.
Faculty: Profs. John Bonine and Mary Wood.

Native Environmental Sovereignty Project

Fellows examine emerging tribal roles in co-managing lands and resources.
Faculty: Profs. Mary Wood.

Oceans, Coasts and Watersheds Project

Fellows engage the law to promote sustainability for ocean, coastal, and freshwater resources.
Faculty: Profs. Adell Amos and Richard Hildreth.

Sustainable Land Use Project

Fellows evaluate land use laws, theories, and practices to ensure sustainable development in our communities.
Faculty: Profs. Tom Lininger and Mary Wood.

*ENR also seeks a fellow to work jointly with ENR and the Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Center on environmental conflict resolution.

ENR Fellowships

Each year, the UO ENR Program offers fellowships to about 20 students through an application process. Through project development work and substantive research and writing, law student fellows take on real- world environmental problems.

1L Fellowships
Bowerman & David Brower Fellowships
General ENR Fellowships

All fellowship appointments are for one year. A fellow may re-apply in subsequent years, but re-appointment is not automatic.

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