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Environmental and Natural Resources Law

Sustainable Land Use Project

Evaluating land use laws, theories, and practices to ensure sustainable development in our communities

Launched in 2005 following the passage of Oregon's Measure 37, a property compensation initiative, the SLU Project addresses legal issues surrounding how we choose to develop, or not to develop, lands within our communities. Faculty leaders are Tom Lininger and Mary Wood.






SLUP Fellows

EricTrottaEric Trotta is a second year law student and a fellow in the Sustainable Land Use Project. Eric graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in English. Last summer, Eric worked with the Fisheries Law Center and the University of Montana’s Legal Atlas project. He conducted research on commercial fishing law in the United States as well as the Caribbean





Rory IsbellRory Isbell is in his second year at the University of Oregon School of Law and is also commencing coursework for a Masters of Community and Regional Planning (MCRP) as a dual degree student at the University of Oregon Department of Planning, Public Policy, and Management.  Rory is excited to be a Sustainable Land Use Fellow, as well as a Conference Co-Director for the 2015 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference.  Rory was born in Oregon, but grew up exploring the arid basins and ranges of Arizona.  Graduating from the University of Arizona in 2009 with a degree in Geography, Rory then moved to Portland, Oregon and worked in geospatial sciences for three years.  After traveling the world for a year with his wife, Rory began law school at the University of Oregon in 2013.  As a legal intern at Cascadia Wildlands in the summer of 2014, Rory worked on state and federal environmental litigation.  When he's not pursuing his academic interests, Rory hikes, bikes, camps, climbs, skis, and paddles the beautiful landscapes of the West.


IMG_20140809_090611589_HDRWes Knoll is a 3L interested in water law and local land use and hopes to complete a certificate in Environmental and Natural Resources Law. He is particularly interested in ensuring limited water resources are available to meet growing demand without sacrificing community and environmental values. Wes grew up in the mountains of Colorado and received a B.A.in Political Science with a minor in Water Resource Management from Montana State University. He has worked as a legal intern for Our Children’s Trust, Trout Unlimited, and is currently writing case summaries for recent water law cases for the ABA SEER Water Law Resources section.



Summary Sheet

For a full summary of the events and scholarship of the SLUP, click here.

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